Karate Kid's Box Office Kung Fu is Strong, But Nobody Hires The A-Team

It was a battle of the remakes this weekend, with the revamp of the 1983 TV series The A-Team going up against a transformed take on the 1984 movie The Karate Kid. In the end, the Kid delivered a crane kick to the A-Team's mohawked skull, pulling in $56 million to the team's $26 million and taking the #2 spot behind Rush Hour 2 for biggest martial-arts film opening ever.

It likely helped that The Karate Kid was based on a decade-long film franchise, featured scenic shots of China and seemed to have a new story to tell, while The A-Team was based on a TV show that's been all but dead for 20 years, featured less-than-scenic shots of Germany and war-torn Iraq and looked to be mostly about explosions. (We'd say The Losers stole the A-Team's thunder, but that movie bombed even harder.) Looks like all the flak over The Karate Kid actually being about kung fu was for nothing, huh?

The Kid also pulled in a sizable family audience, which bumped former box office champion Shrek 4 down to the #3 spot, where it still pulled in $16 million, with last week's new releases falling into line behind it. Mainstays Sex and the City 2 and Iron Man 2 are still hanging in there, and even Splice managed to stay in the Top Ten for one more week. It's certainly a hardy breed, and it's likely aided by some sure-to-be-divided word of mouth.

The Top Ten:
1. The Karate Kid $56 million
2. The A-Team $26 million
3. Shrek Forever After $16 million ($210 million in 4 weeks)
4. Get Him to the Greek $10 million ($37 million in 2 weeks)
5. Killers $8 million ($31 million in 2 weeks)
6. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time $7 million ($72 million in 3 weeks)
7. Marmaduke $6 million ($22 million in 2 weeks)
8. Sex and the City 2 $6 million ($85 million in 3 weeks)
9. Iron Man 2 $5 million ($299 million in 6 weeks)
10. Splice $3 million ($13 million in 2 weeks)

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