Prince of Persia Fails to Steal Throne from King Shrek

Despite some middling reviews, Shrek Forever After managed to hold onto the number-one spot for the second week in a row, defeating new releases Prince of Persia and Sex and the City 2 by bringing in the kids and charging extra for 3-D. Don't expect it to hang out in the Top Ten for long, though -- sure, the previous kid-friendly spot-hog, How to Train Your Dragon, is only now preparing to exit the Top Ten after 10 weeks, but between Marmaduke, The Karate Kid and Toy Story 3, the next three weeks will likely eat into Shrek's young audience, as well as the souls of any accompanying adults. (Toy Story 3 being the sure-to-be-tear-inducing exception.)

Prince of Persia actually did pretty good for a video game movie, and has the third highest opening in that category behind the first Tomb Raider and the first Pokémon, which I still wouldn't brag about at parties. Sex and the City 2 did significantly worse on its opening weekend than the original, but as a sequel that's to be expected; it may yet make more money overall than its predecessor, which Iron Man 2 is in the process of doing. On another positive note, Robin Hood has stayed afloat after three weeks to become the second-highest grossing medieval movie of all time! Only Kevin Costner's Hood has done better, which is mind-boggling! Also mind-boggling: MacGruber is on track to be the lowest-grossing SNL movie of all time, not counting It's Pat and Stuart Saves His Family, which were barely released in theaters. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I thought you should know.

The Top Ten:
1. Shrek Forever After $56 million ($145 million in 2 weeks)
2. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time $38 million
3. Sex and the City 2 $37 million
4. Iron Man 2 $21 million ($279 million in 4 weeks)
5. Robin Hood $14 million ($86 million in 3 weeks)
6. Letters to Juliet $7 million ($38 million in 3 weeks)
7. Just Wright $3 million ($19 million in 3 weeks)
8. Date Night $2 million ($94 million in 8 weeks)
9. MacGruber $2 million ($8 million in 2 weeks)
10. How to Train Your Dragon $1 million ($213 million in 10 weeks)

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