<i>Toy Story 3</i> Rules the Playroom: <I>Knights</I> and <i>Grown Ups</I> Not Allowed

It's summertime, which means parents need to find stuff for their kids to do, which means they're taking them to a lot of movies. That's why we can expect to see Toy Story 3 in the Top Ten for a looong time, given that it's getting even better reviews than How to Train Your Dragon, which also stuck around for a while a couple of months back. This weekend the film landed the #7 spot on the list of highest second-weekend grosses of all time with $59 million, and became the fifth-highest grossing movie of the year. I certainly don't envy the upcoming supervillain cartoon Despicable Me having to meet a bar that's been set so high.

Needless to say, the threequel defeated the Adam Sandler comedy Grown Ups, which turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable given the amount of urination in the trailers and brought in $41 million -- not bad for a Sandler film. Knight and Day, on the other hand, only mde $21 million, which is weak for a Tom Cruise picture, but fitting, since the writing, acting and special effects were weak for a picture in general. Amazingly, it still managed to come out ahead of the fourth-place movie, The Karate Kid, which made $15 million, and The A-Team, which only made $6 million. And the less said about Jonah Hex, the better.

The Top Ten:
1. Toy Story 3 $59 million ($227 million in 2 weeks)
2. Grown Ups $41 million
3. Knight and Day $21 million
4. The Karate Kid $15 million ($136 million in 3 weeks)
5. The A-Team $6 million ($63 million in 3 weeks)
6. Get Him to the Greek $3 million ($54 million in 4 weeks)
7. Shrek Forever After $3 million ($229 million in 6 weeks)
8. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time $3 million ($86 million in 5 weeks)
9. Killers $2 million ($44 million in 4 weeks)
10. Jonah Hex $2 million ($9 million in 2 weeks)

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