Eclipse Lives Up to Its Name, Casts Blackening Box Office Shadow

How do you talk about the weekend box office when one movie opened on a Wednesday, the other on a Thursday and everybody had Monday off for the Fourth of July? Luckily, it doesn't really matter, because one of the movies was The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and it set all kinds of records in its newborn-vampire onslaught on a nation of quivering Bella Swans. Not only did it have the biggest Wednesday opening ever ($69 million, yet another record stolen from Michael Bay), it had the second-highest opening day of all time, right behind its predecessor, New Moon. Of course, it also opened in the most theaters ever (4,468), so that might have helped get butts in seats. You know, in addition to the rippling abs of Taylor Lautner. The four-day weekend total was $83 million, but counting Wednesday and Thursday, not to mention the midnight Tuesday screenings, the grand total comes to $175 million so far, and that's in just six days. Six days! Lautner's shaved chest is barely even stubbly after six days!

While less profitable no matter how you slice it, the poorly reviewed The Last Airbender managed to summon its fiery fan base to burn through $53 million for the weekend, or $71 million since it opened on at midnight on Wednesday. Still, the movie had its flaws, so it remains to be seen whether it will stay aloft next weekend, with Despicable Me and Predators coming in to lure away the kiddies and the action fans, and the cartoon's fans either depleted or warned away. In third place, Toy Story 3 made another $42 million, putting it over the $300 million mark, and in tenth place the indie comedy Cyrus finally opened wide, relatively, to double its money and pull in another cool mil. Next week, it'll probably beat The Last Airbender.

The Top Ten (Friday through Monday):
1. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse $83 million ($175 million since Wednesday)
2. The Last Airbender $53 million ($71 million since Thursday)
3. Toy Story 3 $42 million ($301 million in 3 weeks)
4. Grown Ups $27 million ($85 million in 2 weeks)
5. Knight and Day $14 million ($49 million in 2 weeks)
6. The Karate Kid $12 million ($155 million in 4 weeks)
7. The A-Team $4 million ($70 million in 4 weeks)
8. Get Him to the Greek $2 million ($58 million in 5 weeks)
9. Shrek Forever After $1 million ($233 million in 6 weeks)
10. Cyrus $1 million ($2 million in 3 weeks)

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