A Veritable Army of New Releases Can't Take Down The Expendables

The reign of manliness continued this week as The Expendables once again conquered the box-office, likely due to the fact that five completely different, narrowly focused movies came out this weekend, dividing up new ticket sales between them. The Switch targeted the rom-com crowd, Lottery Ticket catered to mostly urban audiences, Piranha 3D went after old-school gore-hounds, Nanny McPhee Returns took care of the kids (at least, those not scared to death of Emma Thompson's make-up) and Vampires Suck went for the jugular of teens who love Twilight, teens who hate Twilight and people who like to be hit over the head with their "comedy."

Unsurprisingly, the Twilight parody came the closest to Expendables' $16 million total, earning $12 million to land second place -- although it was likely a surprise to many people that this movie even existed, given the ad campaign's narrow focus on teens. All we're saying is, Crista Flanagan is in it, so why not run a commercial during Mad Men? The lowest-earning of the five was The Switch, which was admittedly pretty bad, and we have to wonder if it was Jason Bateman's lack of star power of Jennifer Aniston's dwindling fan base that led to the disappointing $8 mill take. In returning movie news, Eat Pray Love hung on for third place, The Other Guys stuck around in fifth and Inception refused to leave yet again, taking in another 8 million to hold at #9. Sadly, the awesome Scott Pilgrim vs. the World plummeted to the bottom of the chart, only taking in $5 million in its second week for 10th place. Seriously, the fact that nobody is going to see this is a damn shame. Although we kinda get the Michael Cera burnout.

The Top Ten:
1. The Expendables $17 million ($65 million in 2 weeks)
2. Vampires Suck $12 million
3. Eat Pray Love $12 million ($47 million in 2 weeks)
4. Lottery Ticket $11 million
5. The Other Guys $10 million ($88 million in 3 weeks)
6. Piranha 3D $10 million
7. Nanny McPhee Returns $8 million
8. The Switch $8 million
9. Inception $8 million ($262 million in 6 weeks)
10. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World $5 million ($21 million in 2 weeks)

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