Ferrell Victorious: Inception Gets Kicked by The Other Guys

"Say hi to your money for me!" Mark Wahlberg became intimately familiar with the contents of America's wallets this weekend as one half of The Other Guys along with co-star Will Ferrell. The film is mostly marketed as a Will Ferrell picture, and is being compared to Anchorman and Talladega Nights in terms of box-office take and overall hilarity, but Wahlberg was equally key, and the pair had great chemistry together. Still, the movie's nearly $36 million take erased memories of Ferrell's last movie, the flop Land of the Lost (which was still reasonably funny) and doubled the amount of money made by Cop Out in its opening weekend. And rightly so!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how your feelings towards dance flicks and/or unnecessary 3-D), Step Up 3-D failed to live up to the high box office standards set by its two predecessors in the franchise, only making shy of $16 million, which placed it third, behind Inception. That's right, Inception finally slipped to #2 after three weeks at #1, but still made $19 million, bringing its total to $228 million in just under a month. It's now the sixth-highest grossing movie of the year and should be 5th by next week, when it outgrosses Shrek Forever After. Of course, it probably won't beat Toy Story 3, which is at $396 million after two months, and is still hanging on to the #9 spot, but it can rest assured that it beat Despicable Me. Hey, we have to take our victories where we can get 'em.

The Top Ten:
1. The Other Guys $36 million
2. Inception $19 million ($228 million in 4 weeks)
3. Step Up 3-D $16 million
4. Salt $11 million ($92 million in 3 weeks)
5. Dinner for Schmucks $11 million ($47 million in 2 weeks)
6. Despicable Me $9 million ($209 million in 5 weeks)
7. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore $7 million ($26 million in 2 weeks)
8. Charlie St. Cloud $5 million ($24 million in 2 weeks)
9. Toy Story 3 $3 million ($396 million in 8 weeks)
10. The Kids Are All Right $3 million ($14 million in 5 weeks)

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