Coming Soonish: May 15, 2009

by Zach Oat May 15, 2009 4:01 pm
Coming Soonish: May 15, 2009

Thanks to relentless movie marketing, you know what movies are out now. And thanks to theatrical trailers, you know what's coming soon. But where do you go to find out about the movies that are just now being made, and won't be "coming soon" for a while yet? You come here. Welcome to Coming Soonish, our weekly round-up of the week's best/weirdest in-development movie news. Check back each week for more development tidbits, including some films that may actually get made!

If you've seen Lost in La Mancha, you know that Terry Gilliam once tried to make a movie about Don Quixote, but a flash flood destroyed his sets, a nearby air base ruined his takes and his elderly star developed a herniated disc, which kept him off of his trademark horse. Well, now Gilliam has secured the financing to remake The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Or, as it will be known after Gilliam dies in a freak on-set accident, The Film that Killed Terry Gilliam. Don't tilt at windmills, Terry. It wasn't meant to be.

Because you demanded it, Martin Scorsese will make a biopic about Frank Sinatra. I bet it was "Rat Pack" night on American Idol that put Scorcese over the top with this idea. If he'd only held out another week or two, maybe he would have made the decision to make a Guns 'N Roses biopic instead, which would probably have been infinitely more interesting.

Jim Caviezel will play archer William Tell in a factual film based on Tell's defiance of the Austrian royals, leading to the formation of Switzerland. That's right, this movie will have action and neutrality! I can't wait to hear Linkin Park's cover of the William Tell Overture for the soundtrack.

The BBC America TV show Primeval is going to be remade as a movie! I know, I reported this in TWoP News already -- I'm telling everybody, because I love shows about dinosaurs and the people who hunt them. Seriously, this will be even better than that American Gladiators movie they're working on. Primeval Season 3 starts tomorrow night, dino-buddies!

Normally, I don't report on Lindsay Lohan projects (because, why?), but this one made me pause. In The Other Side, Lohan will play a grad student who spends the summer working at a scientific institute on a remote island, populated by an eccentric cast of characters who are hiding a secret about a tragedy that happened there years ago. ...Is Lindsay Lohan making a Lost movie? Considering it also stars Woody Harrelson, Giovanni Ribisi, Alanis Morissette and Dave Matthews (as in the Dave Matthews Band), don't be surprised if it gets "lost" for real.

In yet another updating of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story, Forest Whitaker and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson have been cast in a new remake. The article isn't clear, but it says that Whitaker and Jackson play "the lead roles." Does that mean that Whitaker... turns into 50 Cent? Probably not, but maybe he should, because that is the most amazing thing I've ever heard. Maybe they could do a sequel where Jeremy Davies turns into Henry Rollins, or Owen Wilson turns into Tyler Mane.




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