Ghostbusters 3: What We've Waited 20 Fricking Years to See

It's been talked about a lot in the past 20 years, but a third Ghostbusters movie has always seemed like a pipe dream, given Bill Murray's lack of interest, and his co-stars' unwillingness to, well... deal with Bill Murray. But with a major video game release and a new line of toys tantalizing fans, original director Ivan Reitman has signed on to direct the third installment next year, for release in 2012. With a script that features new and old Ghostbusters, as well as Dana Barrett's son Oscar, this could be a fan's dream come true... or another disaster from the director of Evolution and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. We don't know exactly what's in the script, but here's what we need to see in order for the busting to make us feel good.

1. All of the original Ghostbusters.
If this movie has been greenlit, we have to assume that all four original members, plus Sigourney Weaver, have signed on. (Rick Moranis and Annie Potts are optional.) But perhaps the script doesn't call for all of them? We certainly hope not. Unless one of the Ghostbusters has been killed by ghosts, providing a past trauma that haunts the survivors to this day, we'd better see Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston on the screen. We don't care if Bill Murray isn't feeling it, or Dan Aykroyd is busy being a DJ, or Harold Ramis is too fat. They all need to appear. Luckily, we hear Ernie Hudson has already cleared his schedule. Not because he's not working, but because he's totally awesome.

2. An all-star cast of new Ghostbusters.
We know that there are new 'busters on staff, and that one of them may or may not be Oscar, who was an infant in 1989, making him about 22 today. Just the idea of casting new Ghostbusters makes us giggle like schoolchildren, so we can only imagine that the opportunity to actually play a Ghostbuster makes twenty- and thirtysomething Hollywood actors behave similarly. Hell, you can find everyone you need in Judd Apatow's movies. Paul Rudd is totally the modern Bill Murray, so we say get him in there as the Venkmanesque slacker team leader. To play an update on Aykroyd's good-natured Ray, how about Seth Rogen? Jay Baruchel has been known to play a nerd from time to time, so make him the substitute Spengler. And Romany Malco would bring the laughs as a scared-shitless replacement for Winston.

3. 3-D? Yes, please.
When you think back to the big scares of the Ghostbusters movies, you think of the librarian ghost lunging at our heroes, or Slimer coming right for Venkman, or even the massive, floating head of Vigo the Carpathian. In other words, effects that would look great in 3-D. Now, we're not saying we want this thing to be entirely computer-generated. The puppet ghosts and stop-motion terror dogs of Ghostbusters were plenty awesome, so practical effects will be appreciated wherever they can be used, as long as they jump off the screen and freak us out.

4. New anti-ghost technology.
The proton packs of the first movie have become iconic, as have their companion ghost traps and PKE meters. But the only contribution to Ghostbuster tech the second movie made was a big backpack that shot positively-charged slime that made a toaster dance and the Statue of Liberty walk. In a world where ghosts float around scaring people and stealing taxi cabs, even we had to call BS on that one. Let's see some kind of new, useful, digital-age weaponry this time around. They can't be using the same proton packs they used 20 years ago, can they?

5. No 9/11 symbolism, thanks.
At one point, the idea for GB3 involved New York City becoming the tenth level of Hell, with the 'busters fighting a guerrilla war against the invading ghostly forces. As cool as that sounds, we're pretty sure that's not what the new script is about, and with 9/11 symbolism becoming more and more common in movies and TV, we're getting a little wary. Again, we haven't seen the script, but this is a movie dealing with restless dead people in New York City. While it seems like there's a story to be told in there somewhere, this isn't the place. Just... don't go there, man. This is a comedy. ...Right?

6. A kickin' Bobby Brown soundtrack.
Brown's song "On Our Own" (and his cameo as a doorman) was arguably one of the greatest things to come out of Ghostbusters 2. Let's make that magic happen again.

What do you think of the Ghostbusters 3 news? Let us know below, then check out our list of the worst cult sequels of all time.

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