Wolverine and Edward Cullen: More Alike Than You Think

Although it's not officially confirmed yet, word on the street is that Twilight: Eclipse director David Slade will direct Wolverine 2. While Wolverine fans worldwide are probably groaning that the director of a girly vampire film may be put in charge of the rugged anti-hero, they should consider two things: 1. Eclipse was one big vampire-werewolf fight. 2. Logan and Edward Cullen have a lot in common. Check out our long list of similarities between the two.

1. Both have been alive for an abnormally long time.
Edward Cullen was born in 1901 and made into a vampire in 1918. Wolverine was born in the late 1800s, and manifested his powers at a young age. Except while Edward keeps gong back to high school so he can live a public life without fear of being discovered, Wolverine doesn't give a rat's ass.

2. Both have retractable sharp bits.
Wolverine has long claws that pop out of his hands. Edward has pointy teeth that pop out of his mouth. Only Wolverine's claws are coated in razor-sharp adamantium, but it's not like Edward needs to bite through machine-gun barrels very often.

3. Both have gravity-defying hair.
While Wolverine's seemingly indestructible hold is likely a byproduct of his mutant power, Edward's lifeless locks must need a ton of product just to stay aloft. Insert "lifetime of celibacy"/There's Something About Mary joke here.

4. Both date delicate women who are averse to marriage.
In the next film, Wolverine will travel to Japan and meet Mariko Yashida, the dainty woman whom he would later become engaged to. But unlike the fragile, matrimony-averse Bella Swan, Mariko is happy to get married -- it's only when she's brainwashed by the villainous Mastermind that she calls it off.

5. Both have rivalries with feral dudes.
Edward has to fend off challenges from werewolf Jacob Black, just like Wolverine's routinely taunted by his clawed and fanged half-brother, Sabretooth. Of course, Black only wants to steal his rival's girlfriend, while Sabretooth wants to gut her and leave her somewhere for Wolverine to find.

6. Both have a keen sense of smell.
Both Wolverine and Edward can use their noses to track prey across great distances, but only Edward has to deal with the problem of someone smelling so good that he has to fight to keep from eating her.

7. Both have been known to fight a bear.
Edward fights bears and drinks their blood to keep his strength up, and prevent him from killing humans. Conversely, Wolverine mostly fights bears to get the best salmon. "This is my stretch of river, bub!"

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