The Three Stooges: Don't Be a Wise Guy

There are so many questions we can ask about the very existence of a Three Stooges reboot in 2012. But rather than wax philosophical and for the umpteenth time make fun of the pointlessness of this film or analyze its quality in the context of the decades it took the Farrelly Brothers to make it, let's get right to it: It's not that bad. It's certainly not worth going out of your way for, unless, of course, you truly love the Stooges, know someone who has a deep affinity for them or have a curious child who is just dying to see it. And if you do find yourself with a hankering to see Moe (Chris Diamantopoulos), Larry (Sean Hayes) and Curly (Will Sasso) on a '90s kids-movie style adventure (complete with evil villains and a fight with a lion!), here are three solid reasons to indulge:

It Stays True to the Spirit of the Franchise
One would think that in this time of overprotective parenting, the extreme slapstick violence of the Stooges would be watered down. Thankfully, that's not really the case. There's a whole lot of that good ol' hard-to-watch pain and suffering -- and I'm not just talking about the child acting! -- if that's your thing. Seriously, besides giving us truly terrible kid actors (not the ones who play the young Stooges... those three were all right) and a poorly written plot, the Farrelly Brothers clearly concentrated most of their creative energies on recapturing the reason that people have enjoyed this trio for so many years. Though I don't recall the Stooges ever doing something quite so impossibly violent as the scene where Moe takes a chainsaw to Curly's head, I guess it's only a tad less realistic than hitting each other with hammers, falling off ladders and the like. There are even cute little act breaks and a "Don't try this at home, kids" segment at the end as nods to the nostalgia that adult viewers are obviously seeing the movie for.

There are Fun Surprises
When the jokes aren't about the men having it out or Curly barking like a dog and doing the patented shoulder spin (the "whoop-whoop-whoop whoop," running around in circles on the floor thing, which, frankly, I prefer to see Zoidberg doing on Futurama), they're actually unexpectedly funny. At times, the film lets itself get dark, and when it does, it absolutely shines. In the midst of Stooges' poorly constructed plot, the writers somehow work in a reality TV storyline that is truthfully very satisfying for anyone who watches the amount of unscripted television that I do.

Larry David as a Nun
I cannot stress how little of the writing of this movie makes sense, to the point that it seems irrelevant to even go over the basic plot. The pacing is nonexistent. Sophia Vergara is just awful. The sound effects are maddening. Some of the characters don't age over the course of 35 years. Did I mention the child actors? All of this is secondary to Larry David co-starring as Sister Mary-Mengele, a crotchety old nun. The movie may have lost out on Benicio del Toro, Jim Carrey and Sean Penn, but at least it got to keep LD. Whoop whoop, indeed.

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