The Ghostbusters Put Their Car Up On (Auction) Blocks

Are you plagued by specters, spooks or phantoms? Do you have a strange and penetrating belief in the paranormal? Do you own an old firehouse with a perfectly good garage, and nothing to put in it? Well, whip out a check or money order and remove the spending limits on your Paypal account, because one of the three original Ecto-1 Ghostbusters cars is up for auction on eBay Motors. Of course, this one never appeared on the big screen, and was instead made specifically for people to take their picture with at the Universal Studios theme park, but from a distance, who can tell? The bidding is already over $45,000 with three days left, and you'll have to pick it up yourself in Tennessee or pay somebody to deliver it, but isn't 60-70 grand a small price to pay for a piece of history? ...Well, you know, film history? ...Okay, theme park history?




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