<i>Evil Dead 4</i> In Wheelhouse, Whatever That Means

Geeks everywhere are freaking out because director Sam Raimi, who has somehow not lost a drop of geek cred after the musical dance extravaganza that was Spider-Man 3, mentioned Burn Notice darling Bruce Campbell and "another Evil Dead" in the same sentence at Comic-Con. Now, as a result, geeks are reporting that Evil Dead 4 is in the works. Well, let's take a step back now.

What Raimi said was that:
a. He'd like to work with Bruce again.
b. Another Evil Dead picture is "in the wheelhouse," and
c. He'd like to work on it with his brother Ivan when he comes to visit next weekend.

Now, the first point is undebatable. They work together all the time -- presumably, they enjoy themselves. The second point is a little fuzzier. "In the wheelhouse" means it's "right in the generally correct area," like a good pitch, or an expected telephone call. It doesn't mean "about to drive onto the racetrack." What Raimi may have been saying is that it would make sense for him to do an Evil Dead movie because it's in his comfort zone as a director. But it also makes sense for Spider-Man not to dance around a restaurant while under the influence of an alien symbiote, and Raimi thought that was perfectly okay. So we can't assume Raimi will do what makes sense.

And as far as the last point goes, I'm sure there are a lot of things he would like to do with his brother Ivan when he comes to visit: go apple picking, rent a sailboat, catch a Dodgers game, etc. But there are only so many hours in the day, and depending on what day Ivan is arriving -- Friday or Saturday -- they may only have a day, a day and a half to spend together. Who wants to spend that time working?

So take it easy, Evil Dead fans -- we can't expect a new entry in the saga that quickly. After all, it's only been 16 years.




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