Vampires vs. Zombies

by Zach Oat July 28, 2008 11:08 am
Vampires vs. Zombies

Because of their non-budget-restrained storylines and striking visuals, comic books have begun to rival real books and old 1970s TV shows as the top source of ideas for movies nowadays. For the same reason, comics are also the number-one source for stories in which one type of visually striking creature (aliens, cowboys, robots) fights another type of visually striking creature (pirates, demons, ninjas). Which is why, after being given movies where vampires fought werewolves (Underworld), Alaskans (30 Days of Night) and Coreys (Lost Boys 2: The Tribe), we can finally look forward to seeing vampires fight zombies.

The independent comic book Last Blood is going to be adapted into a feature film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In the book, zombies wipe out the human population, and vampires need to provide protection to the remaining pockets of humanity, in order to preserve the blood supply. ...It's actually a pretty awesome idea, and if it hadn't been tapped to be made into a big-budget film, I still would have tracked down co-creator Bobby Crosby's planned independently-financed version (which I presume has been abandoned, although now he's either more or less likely to see John Ratzenberger in the role of Grady).

Scripting this crossover is David A. Goodman, writer/executive producer on The Family Guy and formerly on Futurama, whose resume also includes comedies like Golden Girls, Wings and Team Knight Rider. He also won a Nebula, one of science fiction's several most prestigious awards, for writing the episode of Futurama in which the crew of the Planet Express meets the original cast of Star Trek. (Because nothing advances science fiction more than referencing older science fiction!) That credit alone -- okay, that and Golden Girls -- makes me excited to see this movie. Maybe they can get Leonard Nimoy to play a zombie?




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