Brad Pitt? Simon Pegg? Bastards.

by Zach Oat August 11, 2008 11:18 am
Brad Pitt? Simon Pegg? Bastards.

Nope, that joke still isn't old. But lest you think that I am actually calling Brad Pitt and Simon Pegg total jerks (they're not -- Pitt speaks up for causes around the world, and Pegg gladly shakes hands with nerds), what I actually mean is that they are both involved in bastard-related casting news. Pitt has definitely signed on to play Lt. Aldo Raines, the Tennessee-born hillbilly leader of the Nazi-killing WWII Army unit known as the Inglorious Bastards, the subject (and title) of writer/director Quentin Tarantino's next film. Tarantino flew to France specifically to recruit the actor, and the news that he has accepted has made me stab several pictures of Nazis in excitement. (I currently do not have access to real Nazis.)

Pitt will join two other actors who are in talks to become Bastards: actor-director Eli Roth and Office star B.J. Novak. Also invited to join the Bastards squad was Numbers star David Krumholtz, although he may have a conflict, which he should immediately eliminate. From the looks of it, Tarantino is casting only Jewish actors to play the members of the all-Jewish squad, which is a smart move, and should cut back on special-effects costs. (I'm fairly certain that Aldo Raines, the Tennessee hillbilly, is not Jewish. I could be wrong. Either way, Brad Pitt is still awesome in the role, because he can play any role. Stab stab stab. I'm stabbing Nazis again.)

Hot Fuzz star Simon Pegg, meanwhile, is in talks to play a British lieutenant. Or is it leftenant? I really don't know how that works. Hopefully, he'll accept, because how often does Tarantino have British people in his films, really? Tim Roth's character in Pulp Fiction was British, right? (Actually, Roth was invited to be in this film, as well, but had prior, more British commitments.) Tarantino is in Germany now, scouting locations and trying to find a German actor to play the Bastards' nemesis, Col. Hans Landa. He is also meeting with actress Nastassja Kinski about the role of a German actress, which is an acting stretch if I ever heard one. Hmm. I wonder what they call a Quarter-pounder with cheese in Germany...




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