<i>The Wolfman</i>: Ten Anachronisms We Spotted in the Movie

The long-awaited remake of 1943's The Wolf Man bears many similarities to the original, but one major difference is that the film is set in the 1880s, rather than present day. While that gave the movie the opportunity to dress Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt and Anthony Hopkins up in period garb (not that the latter two needed any encouragement), it also created difficulties for the screenwriters, costumers and set decorators as far as making everything accurate to the time period. And while they did a pretty good job, a few 20th- and 21st-century artifacts snuck their way into the film. We watched the movie and found a bunch of anachronistic details that should have been edited out in post.

-- At one point, Emily Blunt's character, Gwen, is complimented on her shoes, which she says are by Prada. Except Prada wasn't founded until 1913, and didn't start making shoes until 1984.

-- When the murders begin, Lawrence Talbot's alibi is that he was home watching License to Kill on TBS. But the television wasn't created until 1927, James Bond wasn't created until 1953, TBS wasn't created until 1979 and License to Kill wasn't released until 1989.

-- In the background of one scene, a Warren Zevon poster can be seen on the wall of Lawrence Talbot's bedroom.

-- Hugo Weaving's detective character, Inspector Aberline, injects a robot bug into Lawrence Talbot so he can track his movements.

-- In describing the slipperiness and possibly fictitious nature of the wolfman, Aberline refers to him as a "Keyser Söze."

-- As a tribute to the original wolfman, Lon Chaney Jr., the Talbot family carriage sports a "Bush/Cheney '04" bumper sticker.

-- Susan Boyle acts as a stand-in for the wolfman during the film's frequent musical numbers.

-- When asked about a sighting of the wolfman, an eyewitness describes the beast as having a "fauxhawk."

-- During a particularly emotional scene when the wolfman is on the run, Anthony Hopkins accidentally calls for the death of Dracula.

-- In the final battle in the woods, the wolfman is clearly wearing a Swatch.

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