Twilight: The Deadliest Vampire Attacks Of All Time

In the latest installment of the Twilight saga, Eclipse, the characters learn of a rash of murders being committed in nearby Seattle by a gang of newborn vampires. Of course, in the world of Twilight there's a vampire police force, the Volturi, that would normally quell such a high-profile incident, but that isn't the case in every movie where vampires exist. Most of the time, it seems there is no force on Earth that can stand up to a vampire, especially when there's more than one of them. What follows are some of the deadliest vampire attacks ever recorded on film, in terms of number of humans killed/turned.

Hemery High (Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie)
When vampire king Lothos decides to lay claim to the city of Los Angeles, he starts by turning the teenagers of Hemery High. Fortunately, the current generation's Vampire Slayer attends Hemery, and is able to defeat Lothos and his army on the night of her school's prom, although many students are lost in the process. Mostly the bitchy ones, though.
Approximate Number of Humans Killed: 40-50

Barrow, Alaska (30 Days of Night)
The town of Barrow is so far north that for the entire month of December, the sun does not actually rise. So when a group of vampires show up just as the sun is setting for the last time, the hundreds of townspeople who didn't get out on the last plane before sunset are fed upon and either killed or turned over the course of 30 days. If only planes could fly in the dark, this might have been avoided.
Approximate Number of Humans Killed: 500-1,000

The Vesta (Dracula)
Transporting a crazy man and a coffin from Eastern Europe to England by sea, the crew of the ship Vesta vanish one by one in the night, food for the vampire they keep in their hold. Eventually, only the captain's body is left, tied to the wheel and drained of blood. You have to wonder what percentage of the crew would go missing before you threw your passenger and his cargo overboard.
Approximate Number of Humans Killed: 10-15

Jerusalem's Lot, Maine (Salem's Lot)
At the same time a writer returns to his hometown to write about the local haunted house, the building is purchased and inhabited by another new arrival, Mr. Straker. Upon their arrival, people begin dying and coming back from the dead, until nobody comes out of their houses during the daytime anymore. Ultimately, the whole town is vampirized, and the writer has to set it on fire in order to kill as many of the vamps as possible. 'Salem's Lot: Population: Zero.
Approximate Number of Humans Killed: 1,000-1,500

The Titty Twister (From Dusk Till Dawn)
Posing as a flashy strip club in the middle of the Mexican desert, the Titty Twister is actually the home of an ancient group of vampires who have been luring truckers and travelers into their lair for centuries. Each night, they feed on the patrons who come to see their star performer Santanico Pandemonium, whose name should totally be some kind of a warning to people. "Pandemonium, eh? Sounds sexy!" Learn some Greek, truckers.
Approximate Number of Humans Killed: Hundreds of thousands

Pittsburgh, PA (Innocent Blood)
The vampire named Marie has been working her way through the criminal population for a while, disguising their deaths as gangland slayings, when she accidentally fails to kill crime boss "Sal the Shark" Macelli. Macelli then proceeds to kill several people and turn most of his men, including his lawyer. And that's how we got vampire Don Rickles.
Approximate Number of Humans Killed: 20-30

The Final Solution (Blade Trinity)
While many of the vampires in Blade's world value their privacy, others wish to see the vampire curse spread to everyone in the world. Knowing that they will need resources in that event that that happens, the vampires keep a warehouse full of humans in chemically induced comas, for later feeding. Blade, who's theoretically supposed to be a hero, essentially kills hundreds of humans at once by ordering the attendant to turn off their life support. Way to go, hero.
Approximate Number of Humans Killed by Blade: 700-800

The Vampire Plague (Daybreakers)
By 2019, most of the world's humans have been turned into vampires, by viral infection or by a vampire's bite. Unfortunately, the virtual extinction of the human race has the side effect of leading to a worldwide blood shortage, and human hunting and blood harvesting has become a necessary evil. So, basically, these guys are starving because they didn't see Blade Trinity? They're missing out -- Ryan Reynolds is hysterical in it.
Approximate Number of Humans Killed: Approximately... all of them.

We know that's not all of them -- let us know which ones we missed below, then check out our guide to on-screen vampire-werewolf relations!

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