Better Red than Dead

Right after I learned that Robert Rodriguez would be producing a Red Sonja movie starring his live-in starlet Rose McGowan, I heard that the two had split up, and immediately panicked. What would become of the film? Would there be a new actress? Or a new producer? Or a new, dead film in the gutters of Hollywood? Well, apparently, nothing has changed; furthermore, my prediction that this movie would be worth it just for the chain-mail-bikini promotional artwork has totally come true.

At the San Diego Comic-Con panel for Red Sonja, Rodriguez and McGowan were both there to unveil the first promotional images from the film, as well as hand out an actual poster. And the images are nothing short of spectacular, evoking some of the more starkly contrasted covers of the Dynamite comic book series. And while McGowan doesn't necessarily have the physique of a swordwoman in the one poster, she obviously likes the way they taste in the other.

And if that wasn't enough, Rodriguez is working on becoming a producer on the Conan movie, as well, thereby bringing the two films that much closer together, and making the possibility of a crossover film that much greater. Now if only the they'd cast somebody as Conan! Who knows -- after this weekend, we may know exactly who will fill Ah-nuld's loincloth. It's the magic of Comic-Con!




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