<i>Thor</i> Comic-Con Footage Revealed, One Million New Thor Fans Are Born

I get that Thor is a classic Marvel character, going back to the 1960s, but how many people do you know who love Thor? I'm not talking that one friend who's a mythology nerd, I'm talking fans of the comic book Thor. I have a ton of friends who grew up reading comics, and still read them -- many of them do it for a living -- and most of them (myself included) can count the number of Thor issues they've read on one hand. But now that the first footage from the upcoming Thor movie has been shown at Comic-Con -- and leaked online -- expect a lot more people to get Thor tattoos, because it looks pretty damn cool. Here's a guide to the trailer's awesomeness.

1. Clark Gregg, Agent of SHIELD
If you'd told us five years ago that our favorite character in all of the Marvel movies would be a SHIELD agent named "Phil Coulson," we would have said you were crazy. But the New Adventures of Old Christine survivor is all business around the gods of the Marvel Universe, questioning Thor after securing his hammer, and even expressing his exasperation with his old friend Tony Stark. In the trailer, when he sighs that Stark "never tells [him] anything" as he tries to arrest an otherworldly suit of armor, we laughed out loud.

2. Science + Magic = THE SAME
We had long wondered how the movie would address the religious aspects of Thor and the rest of the Asgardians. They have the same names as the Norse gods, but they seem to live in a high-tech floating city in space and they have a lot of high-tech weaponry. Well, according to Thor in the trailer, to them science and magic are the same. So they clearly used their science-magic to inspire the myths of old, like the characters from Stargate. Not the worst movie to emulate, although the last movie to say science and magic were the same thing was The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and look how well that did.

3. Destroyer Will Destroy You
We're a little hazy on the timeline, but it seems that Odin (or Loki), in his anger, sends three Destroyers to attack Thor. A Destroyer is a massive suit of indestructible armor powered by the gods, who can project a beam of heat and flame, and watching it respond to orders to surrender by destroying everything in its path must be a Thor fan's dream come true. Not that we know any Thor fans.

4. All Hail All-Father Anthony Hopkins
We'd seen the pictures, but it took a long, angry monologue for us to fully appreciate the fact that Sir Anthony Hopkins, thought by many to be our finest living actor, plays Odin, father of Thor. Anthony Hopkins! It's like getting Sir Laurence Olivier to play Dr. Doom, which might have made the Fantastic Four films halfway bearable.

5. Oh, the Eye Candy
Fanboys and fangirls alike have reasons to see this movie, given that Thor is played by a muscular, blond underwear model who likes to take his shirt off, and love interest Jane Foster is played by Natalie Portman. Any doubt that she was a closet geek and that Star Wars was a fluke are now gone -- by playing this part, she is basically saying, "Nerds, I'm yours." And Chris Hemsworth is saying, "Has anybody seen my shirt?"

Check out the footage (if you can find it), then let us know what you thought of it! Then see what we thought of the Tron Legacy trailer!

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