WTF? Wolvie To Host Oscars?!

by admin December 12, 2008 3:30 pm
WTF? Wolvie To Host Oscars?! I'm gonna make this brief because I feel like I've contributed quite enough bile to today's various blogs. But I'm real perplexed as to why the Oscars have elected to have Hugh Jackman host this year's telecast. They'd already made it clear that they were looking to cut down on the "funny" bits, and with this announcement, they've preeeetty much confirmed that this year's show is going to be even more boring than in years past. Everyone knows that the best parts of the Oscars are the red carpet fashions and the cheesy hosts' cheesy attempts at comedy. They've just done away with half the reason I watch. What if god forbid this year's bevy of starlets get themselves awesome stylists and nary a sartorial trainwreck shows itself on the pre-show? WTF am I gonna have to look forward to (making fun of)?

I agree with D-Listed's Michael K: the only way this Hugh Jackman b.s. can be salvaged is if he decides to host partially naked. What do you guys think of this Oscar beeswax? For or against?




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