A Hurt Locker Reality Show? Other TV Versions of Oscar Nominees In Our Future

In a move that has surprised some and shocked others, G4 has ordered a reality series about a bomb-disposal squad in Afghanistan. The show, which will follow a Navy E.O.D. unit's training sessions in the states and deployment overseas, is not connected to last year's Best Picture winner, The Hurt Locker, but it is clearly inspired by its success, which makes us wonder if we should be looking to the Best Picture category for new, better reality show ideas. With last year's category boasting a whopping ten nominees for the first time in decades, there are certainly plenty of films to choose from, so here are some shows we'd be curious to see.

America's Next Top Foster Kid (ESPN)
In this competitive series, twelve rich white women from the suburbs travel to the inner city to find a poor black child they can adopt and raise to be a professional athlete, just like in The Blind Side. The first one to sign their adopted child to a pro contract wins the competition, and is given a certificate saying that she no longer has anything to feel guilty about.

The District (CBS)
A group of twentysomethings are put inside a prison camp (similar to the alien slum in District 9) where food is scarce, and they have to participate in scavenger hunts and building challenges in order to win anything to eat other than cat food.

The Real Basterds of World War II (The History Channel)
In this series inspired by Inglourious Basterds, historians take us inside some of the most sadistic American military campaigns of World War II, with mission-by-mission breakdowns of different squads' bloodiest onslaughts against the German army. Graphic anime sequences will illustrate the most gruesome attacks, accompanied by hard-rock soundtracks and gleeful commentary from the surviving veterans.

Extreme Flyover: Home Edition (ABC)
Inspired by Up, Ty Pennington goes around and visits families that are enduring hardships, and turns their homes into hot-air balloons.

Undercover Layoffs (CBS)
In every episode of this show, the CEO of a major corporation is flown to one of the company's struggling branches, then is dressed up like an average employee. Then, in disguise, they need to fire everyone who needs to be fired, from the most junior employee on up, unless they can come up with a plan to save the branch. Based on Up in the Air.

Hardcore Miners (The Discovery Channel)
While it would be impossible to set this Avatar-inspired series on another planet, following around an Earthbound team of miners as they come under attack by restless natives who just want to protect their ecosystem sounds like drama city.

What reality series would you like to see based on an Academy Award nominee or winner? Let us know below!

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