Actors Are the Real Winners (and Losers) at the Movies Without Pity Awards

Nicolas Cage. Johnny Depp. Sam Worthington. Mark Wahlberg. Russell Brand. You either love them or you hate them. We know how we feel, but we want all of our readers to get the chance to give their two cents, which is why four of the categories in the latest round of the Movies Without Pity Awards are all about acting.

Who will be the Best Actor of 2010 The Worst? Who was the Best Breakout Star? Who had the Least Successful "Take Me Seriously" Role? You'll have a week to vote on these categories and seven others before the next round, and don't forget to vote on Facebook, where you can weigh in on even more topics. Fresh categories will be available on the site every Monday, and the ultimate winners will be announced February 18!

Vote for the Movies Without Pity Awards right here and download our free Facebook app here!




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