The Movies Without Pity Awards: Be Nice… Until It's Time to Not Be Nice

Okay, we felt kind of bad about last week. Worst Horror Movie, Worst Comedy... there was a lot of negative energy going around. Well, we're trying to focus on the positive this week, with new, rah-rah categories including Best Actor, Best Comedy, Best Action Movie and Best Movie More People Should Have Seen. Why the sudden 180? Hey, that's just the way we play things here at the first annual Movies Without Pity Awards.

Sure, it's not all positive -- we've also got Worst Actor and Worst Screenplay, so you have a place to keep your bile -- but overall it's a good week to be a nominee in the MWoP Awards. You'll have a week to vote on these categories before the next round, and don't forget to vote on Facebook, where your disdain is always kept private and never sold to others. Fresh categories will be available on the TWoP site every Monday, and the ultimate winners will be announced February 18!

Vote for the Movies Without Pity Awards right here and download our free Facebook app here!




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