The Movies Without Pity Awards: Telling Screenwriters They Stink Since 2011

You can have a huge budget, the best actors and a talented director, but it doesn't mean squat unless you've got a good script. It's the foundation upon which you build your movie, and if your foundation is full of holes, or is unstable or flimsy, the whole thing will come tumbling down. We're calling out the Best and Worst Screenplays of 2010 in our first annual Movies Without Pity Awards!

Which will take best? Inception? True Grit? How about worst? The Last Airbender? Date Night? Well, this week, you can vote in these categories and nine others, including Best Comedy, Worst Actor and Best Movie More People Should Have Seen! You'll have a week to vote on these categories before the next round, and don't forget to vote on Facebook, where you can weigh in on even more topics. Fresh categories will be available on the TWoP site every Monday, and the ultimate winners will be announced February 18!

Vote for the Movies Without Pity Awards right here and download our free Facebook app here!




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