The Movies Without Pity Awards: If They're Selling, We're Buying

Let's face it, sex sells. Even if a movie has only one brief sex scene in it, the editors of that movie's trailer will find a way to get those writhing bodies on screen for a half a second just to sell a few hundred thousand extra tickets. And as much as we pretend to admit we're better than such trickery, we're totally not. In fact, there are movies we'll go see simply because we expect to see famous people doin' it. But why deny it? Let's celebrate it, as part of the first annual Movies Without Pity Awards!

Was it the constant nudity of Love and Other Drugs? The trashiness of Chloe? The gratuitous lesbianism of Black Swan? The NC-17-earning scene in Blue Valentine? Whichever "Movie You Saw Mainly for the Smut," it's there to vote on in this round of the MwoP Awards, as well as ten other categories. And don't forget to vote on Facebook, as well, where there are totally different categories in which to cast your vote! Fresh categories will be available on the TWoP site every Monday, and the ultimate winners will be announced February 18.

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Movies Without Pity

February 2012


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