The First-Ever Movies Without Pity Awards Are Almost Over!

If you've voted in our first annual Movies Without Pity Awards, thank you thank you thank you! If you haven't, you must be the member of some sort of guild or academy or somesuch, and have cast your votes elsewhere. Because why wouldn't you want to let your picks for "Best Movie," "Worst Supporting Actor" and "Most Yawn Inducing Oscar Bait" be known to the world? Voting is in its final days, so make your choices!

In addition to those categories, we also have "Favorite Guilty Pleasure Movie," "Pretentious Documentary You Actually Liked" and several others that are part of our final round of voting. And there are even more categories on Facebook! You can cast your vote from now until Sunday, because we start tallying them up on Monday, and the ultimate winners will be announced February 18! Help make the first MWoP Awards the snarkiest yet!

Vote for the Movies Without Pity Awards right here and download our free Facebook app here!




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