The Movies Without Pity Awards: Overused Actor, Will You Please Go Now?

We're getting a little tired of Natalie Portman. With one comedy in theaters, a drama out today, and her popping up at every awards show to take home a statuette, it's a bit much for us to take. If only we could vote for her to be Most Overused Actress in this year's Movies Without Pity Awards!

It'll have to wait, because while Portman may be omnipresent this year, we're voting on 2010. Was last year's Most Overused Actress Katherine Heigl? Kristen Stewart? Angelina Jolie? What about actors? Jonah Hill? Josh Duhamel? Sam Worthington? You can vote in these two categories and nine others in this week's round of voting; fresh categories will be available on Monday, and the ultimate winners will be announced February 18. Plus, we've created a Facebook app so you can share your votes with your friends!

Vote for the Movies Without Pity Awards right here and download our free Facebook app here.




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