Brand. James Brand.

by admin August 15, 2008 12:20 pm
Brand. James Brand.

Product placement has long been a part of the James Bond franchise. Many of Bond's toys are pure technological fiction, usually cooked up by a frequently exasperated Q, but some of the gadgets and toys have real-life counterparts. Which means there's real-life money to be made from them. Variety has come out with a list of some of the brands that will hype Quantum of Solace in ad campaigns, and in turn be hyped by the film. First on the list is a diminutive golden roller skate that remarkably comes equipped with air bags. Oh, wait. No. That's actually the Ka -- Ford's wee European hatchback.

When I think of cars from Bond films, the adjectives that most often come to mind are "sexy," "powerful" and "expensive." Even Ford's UK website describes the car as "cute."

Heineken beer will be making its fifth guest appearance in a Bond film, although it will be neither shaken nor stirred. Sony Ericsson will be making its third appearance with the release of a "limited edition Titanium Silver C902 Cyber-shot phone," although whether or not either the movie version or the real-life version will shoot bullets remains to be seen.

The film has wisely limited the product placement partners to "about seven" after 2002's Die Another Day was jokingly referred to as "Buy Another Day" for its excessive commercial tie-ins.

But beer? Phones? I already drive a cute hatchback; shouldn't James Bond be making me aspire to something I can't have?

I guess that's practicality and economics for you. According to the article, "these brands all have products placed in the film and each will shell out tens of millions of dollars as a promotional partner of the pic." That's a wad to hand out and make back, which means appealing to the masses. Bond's trademark Aston Martin may be for your eyes only, but the Ka and other merchandise will be for the rest of you.




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