How to Resolve the Watchmen Mess? Two Words: Slap Fight!

Lordy! This Watchmen mess between Fox and Warner Brothers just goes on and on, doesn't it? Back in September, it looked like everyone had been placated when Fox said they didn't want to tank the project and got Adam West's Batman in return. But no, the mess continued and Judge Gary Feess decided Fox does, indeed, have the right to distribute Warner Brothers' Watchmen. Now the latest scuffle has the producers and Feess trading letters and barbs on the Internet and beyond. I can't help but think this would be so much quicker (not to mention more amusing to watch) if everyone just got into the ring and took turns slapping the crap out of each other. Last person standing wins!

To back up a bit: Feess's decision on December 24 was that producer Larry Gordon "didn't secure proper rights" from Fox before taking the project to Warners. According to Feess, Gordon hadn't been forthcoming during the deposition and, as punishment, he now can not speak to "any aspect" of the case. Perhaps thinking semantically, Gordon wrote Feess a long letter (hey, it's not speaking -- it's printed words!) putting the blame on Fox and his previous lawyers. The judge "refused to read the letter" but issued a one-paragraph response anyway, letting Gordon know the letter was in violation of his ruling. So, basically, the legal equivalent of "tl;dr". Watchmen's other producer, Lloyd Levin, also threw his hat into the ring with an open letter posted on the 'net. A lot of it boils down to finders keepers, losers weepers.

The involved parties are scheduled to meet in Feess' courtroom later today, with just weeks to go before the March 6 scheduled release date. Hurry up and get your slapping hands ready, gentlemen.

UPDATE: Apparently both sides are talking. And not slapping.




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