Sneak a Peek at the <i>Watchmen</i> Settlement

Warner Brothers and Fox reached an agreement yesterday involving the release of the Watchmen movie. So now you have more to look forward to this March than getting hammered on green beer and nursing the ensuing hangover. Huzzah! Fox will not co-own or co-distribute the movie, but it will receive a nice chunk of change from the proceeds. Beyond that, "[t]erms of the agreement were not disclosed," but some crumpled-up napkins were found in the trash outside a Los Angeles-area Denny's restaurant that were either the ravings of a someone suffering from a Grand Slam overdose or some preliminary settlement ideas from Fox. I can't tell, but maybe you can.

- Warner Bros. employees will dress up like Watchmen characters for the birthday parties of Fox executives' children.

- Fox employees, from the lowliest cubicle warmer to the highest-ranking bosses, must attend seminars about the dangers of procrastinating. (Subject to rescheduling.)

- Any sequel must include a new hero named "The Flying Fox" who fights a pair of nefarious brothers named Warner.

- Revenues from the movie must be delivered to Fox offices via Strip-O-Gram.

- A portion of the aforementioned revenues must be paid in the form of piping hot pizzas.

- Grey's Anatomy has to stop bringing Jeffrey Dean Morgan (the Comedian) back as a ghost with an active sex life. [Blogger's note: Warner Bros. doesn't actually have any control over this, so it appears to just be a random but fervent wish on the part of the writer.]

Anything else you think Fox should be asking for? Or do you think they've gotten plenty already?




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