Swear To Blog! McG Says Terminator Spoilers Are Fake McG is seriously over people making fun of his name, you guys. Oh, and he also totally wants you to know all those Terminator spoilers you've been reading about all week aren't true. I'm serious. He blogged about it. Kthxbye!

Now, for those of you reading who didn't quite get that (Hi, Mom!), Joseph McGinty Nichol, the director behind the upcoming T4 installment, has shot down the widespread rumors floating around online this week about the film's ending. And while we're here he also wants us to know that he's kind of sick of people making fun of his ridiculous professional name.

The spoilers, which I won't mention or link to -- for those of you like me who don't want to know what happens even if they do think the movie was a bad idea -- came out earlier this week, sparking all kinds of debate amongst Terminator fans, and long-winded denials in blog form from the film's director. His post, which begins with not-too-spoiler-ish details about the film, kicks into a paragraph-long rant on how he knows the name "McG" is ridiculous but yada yada yada to change it would seem "fraudulent." He ends with: "By the way, there are only three people who know the ending. The unknown future rolls toward us." Which is not exactly the denial I think a lot of fans were looking for, seeing as how the "three people" he's referring to could very well be him, the writer, and the guy who posted the spoilers online.

And while he does give the impression of being passionate about the project and the Terminator world, he also comes across as being already fatigued by the constant critiques and criticisms inherent in sci-fi fandom. If the man is ever going to get through the process of making this film, methinks he needs to grow a thicker skin (like the one on the T-800) and not worry so much about leaked spoilers. Unless they're true after all.




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