Megan Fox Quit Transformers 3, and Other Things She Wants Us To Believe

The Internet collectively gasped yesterday when silver screen sexpot Megan Fox was not invited back to the Transformers movie franchise. True, Fox had bad-mouthed the plot (as it was) and safety standards of the last two movies, as well as director Michael Bay, but Bay seemed to be okay with her controversial interview style, and to actually be looking forward to making her sweat it out in a leather catsuit one more time. But then, suddenly, she was out, and the search for her replacement was underway. Of course, now Fox is saying that she left the production of her own free will, that she in fact chose not to come back, and while that would be a dubious career move for her, we're going to assume she's telling the truth, especially since she immediately followed it up with several more clarifications that ring true. Here's some additional knowledge Fox dropped on us.

Jennifer's Body Was Never Supposed to Make Money
From the beginning, Fox had known and in fact planned that her headlining turn as a demon-possessed cheerleader would barely break even, and even lose money when you factor in the movie's extensive advertising campaign. She says she even worked to further lower box office receipts by doing interviews that painted her in a negative light, thereby turning off potential ticket buyers.

She Was Told How to Lose Friends and Alienate People Was Going to Be a Drama
Fox says that when she signed up for the 2008 comedy film, she was under the impression that it would be a biopic about Lana Turner. If she'd known that it was actually about Simon Pegg's clumsy British entertainment reporter, she never would have agreed to do it. After all, who would go see a movie about something like that? (That actually is a very good question.)

John Malkovich Asked Her for Acting Advice on the Set of Jonah Hex
Fox says she was flattered when Malkovich came up to her on the set of the upcoming Western action movie and asked her for some tips. The 56-year-old actor, who's been in almost 70 films, reportedly was such a fan of the actress that he was anxious to acquire any acting knowledge she had gleaned from her four movies to date, two of them featuring giant robots.

She Actually Saw That Kid With the Flower
The Internet made a big deal about the flower-offering fan who just barely missed giving Fox a yellow rose, and Fox was reported as saying that she didn't see him, or she would have accepted it. But she totally saw him. She just didn't want his stupid rose.

She Was the Original Precious
Before the producers found newcomer Gabourey Sidibe, Fox claims she had signed on to play Claireece Precious Jones in Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire. Unfortunately, a prior commitment to work with orphans in Malaysia forced her to withdraw from the role, but she did stick around long enough to teach Sidibe some performance details she had been working on, and it was those details that earned Sidibe the Oscar nomination. So it's really Fox's Oscar nomination, when you think about it.

Let Megan know you support her below, then read her secret Jennifer's Body set diary!




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