Whichblade Are You, Again?

Top Cow Productions and Platinum Studios are really excited about their planned Witchblade movie, and they want you to get excited, too. How excited are they? They've created a teaser site, and a teaser image, and a teaser naked woman to promote it, and not a thing has been written, cast or filmed yet. Am I complaining about unnecessary naked women, who serve no discernible purpose? Not at all. But don't you at least want that naked woman to be the actual naked woman who's going to be naked in the film? Just for continuity's sake?

Of course, they could have just hidden the woman's face more and pretended this was the actual actress -- who doesn't exist yet, mind you. After all, what actor or actress uses their own body in movie posters? But it still seems tawdry, somehow. Nudists should own their nudity, not pawn it off on others! But all of this is probably moot, since the actress who plays Witchblade will likely be an unknown, and may very well end up being the nameless model we see here. As Topless Robot put it, the most important things about this movie are mystical gauntlets and bare asses. (I'm paraphrasing.)

I think I should point out here that the G.I. Joe movie, despite having a full cast, official photos and is already in production, does not have a Website yet. But Witchblade does. Is the G.I. Joe movie stupid for not having a Website yet? ...Well, yes. Because they'd have, like a billion hits by now. And they could have made the background wallpaper a naked Sienna Miller, holding an uzi.




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