<i>Incredible Hulk</i> News Roundup

The Incredible Hulk hasn't been quite the buzz machine that certain other comic books have been this summer, but it's been generating plenty of its own news over the weekend, with the biggest bit of news being that Hulk will actually speak in this movie -- unlike in the TV series and Ang Lee's Hulk film (except in a dream sequence) -- and he'll be voiced by the TV series' star, Lou Ferrigno. [Yes, the one who didn't speak on the TV show. - Z]

And, of course, there are those six clips. Even though I wasn't a huge fan of the comic books, the TV show, or the previous film, those clips have me counting down the hours and minutes until June 13. It looks like it has all of the elements of a successful comic book movie: intense action, an eeeeevil villain (Tim Roth), and a compelling love story (between Edward Norton's Bruce Banner and Liv Tyler's Betty Ross). On top of that, we have a suicidal "superhero," and William Hurt playing Betty's dad. All the makings of a really fun, but smart, summer film. [William Hurt smartens up everything he does, except Lost in Space. - Z]

Speaking of that love story, Liv Tyler compares acting in it to giving birth, saying that the physical pain of having a child helped prepare her for what she describes as "hardest physical work I've ever done in my life." [...Wait, do Liv and the Hulk have a sex scene together? Because that's what it sounds like. - Z]

Marvel also has released video of director Louis Leterrier finally answering questions from 2007's San Diego Comic-Con. [Watch it! He's French! - Z] And if you want more juicy tidbits about the film, check out this Variety Q&A with Marvel's Kevin Feige. [Or you can just wait two weeks, and all of your questions will be answered for Hulk's fists! - Z]




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