Other 1980s Movies <i>Karate Kid</i>‘s Jaden Smith Should Remake

With the box office numbers in, the Jaden Smith-Jackie Chan remake of The Karate Kid has already been greenlit for a sequel. We're assuming that Jaden will return as the Kid, just as Ralph Macchio returned twice before him, but we hope that he'll also lend his fighting skills and shy-kid persona to some other classic 1980s roles. Here's what we were thinking...

My Bodyguard
The movie that introduced Adam Baldwin to our hearts, My Bodyguard followed a 98-pound weakling as he hired a giant schoolmate (Baldwin) to protect him from a bully, played by Matt Dillon. We can see Jaden playing the weakling who picks up enough moves from his hulking protector to take on the bully himself at the end. Hey, maybe they can get Dillon to reprise his role! We would pay to watch Jaden Smith fight Matt Dillon.

The NeverEnding Story
We were torn over whether Jaden should play Atreyu or Bastian in the re-boot of this German fantasy franchise (yeah, it's German; explains a lot, doesn't it?), but then we thought, "Why can't he play both"? It makes sense that real-world Bastian would picture fantasy-world Atreyu as looking like him, and this way we'll get Jaden the shy kid and Jaden the warrior in the same film! A two-fer!

Monster Squad
There's supposedly a remake of this classic in the works, and we could easily see Jaden play the role of the new kid in town who's initiated into a team of amateur monster-hunters. Mostly, we just want to see him kick Wolfman in the nards.

Three O'Clock High
This homage to High Noon translated the dread of awaiting a gunfight with an arriving killer to the dread of awaiting a fistfight with an intractable bully. Put Jaden in that nerdy role and we can follow him through his day trying to avoid the beating that's coming by using every trick in the book. He doesn't even need to train much for this one.

Cloak & Dagger
Remember when the kid from E.T. had to enlist the help of his imaginary spy friend to protect an Atari game cartridge full of military secrets? All you have to do is replace that cartridge with a disk (disguised as an Xbox game) and replace Jack Flack with a first-person shooter character (similar to Solid Snake) to translate it into a pop-culture savvy modern-day spy flick.

Flight of the Navigator
We'd love to see Jaden play the role of the boy who was abducted by an alien ship in 1978 and returned, unaged, eight years later. We're also willing to bet that Paul Reubens will gladly reprise his role as the voice of the ship's computer, since he doesn't seem to have aged, either.

Why does a vicious alien hunter need to tower over humans to be frightening? Isn't a small, agile predator even scarier, in many ways? Jaden's already got the braids to play the part, plus he doesn't need a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher to take somebody down. "BILLEEEEE!!! PROTECT YOAH ANKLES!"

What do you do after you win a kung-fu tournament in China? You travel to Hong Kong to take part in the Kumite, an illegal contest where you take on warriors from around the world who have been trained in a variety of fighting styles. Granted, Jaden is 12, and Jean-Claude Van Damme was 28 when he played the role, but we're willing to wait at least a couple of years.

What role would you like to see Jaden Smith play next? Sound off below. Consider all this remake talk blasphemy? Then check out our list of the most unnecessary remakes ever!

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