Sing Along With Meryl

by Odie Henderson August 20, 2008 11:27 am
Sing Along With Meryl When I die and ascend to heaven's Pearly Gates, right before St. Peter says "Nuh-Unhhh!" and pushes the big button labeled Hell, he's going to sing "So long, see you honey/You can't buy me with your money." Thanks to the Hot Blog, I now know what my Hell is going to look like. Taking a cue from the numerous people who have danced in the aisles at the Winter Garden, Universal is now releasing the Sing-Along, Dance-Along version of Mamma Mia! That exclamation point belongs to the title, not my obvious excitement (not!) at this revoltin' development. As the worst part of any ABBA song appears onscreen, people can sing and dance, hopefully better than Pierce Brosnan does in the film. This is the beginning of the end, people! The 70's are returning and I'm all out of Afro Sheen! Next, folks will show up in bad jumpsuits and wigs, and CNN will catch self-admitted ABBA fan John McCain dropping it like it's hot to "Take a Chance On Me" at the AMC Googleplex in Phoenix.

From the press release: "Due to overwhelming demand, Universal Pictures announced today that it will release a special sing-along edition of its worldwide smash hit movie musical Mamma Mia! in selected theaters nationwide, starting Friday, August 29, for a limited time. The movie phenomenon, based on the songs of iconic supergroup ABBA, has earned more than $320 million at the worldwide box office."

Due to overwhelming demand?!! First of all, who the hell asked for this?!! Second of all, three hundred twenty million dollars?!! Mamma Mia! I think I'm having a stroke! Actually, any band who is still this popular despite not releasing a song in decades deserves every single prop they get, even if it still makes me want to pour concrete in my ears. $320 million didn't come just from people desperate to relive their 70's adolescence, so the movie must be brainwashing them to bring other people to the theater, like the alien in that old sci-fi movie The Crawling Eye! That's the ticket! Hey, did you notice that obscure ABBA lyric the author pulled out of his ass at the beginning of this joint? How did he know that? The Odie doth protest too much, methinks.




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