A Cleopatra Rock Musical? You Bet Your Sweet Asp!

In many ways, Cleopatra was a woman ahead of her time. Through political machinations, she sought to secure her place in history, and if she could have seen into the future, she would have seen that her fame lived on, even if her empire did not. She would have also seen that she'll be getting the high-tech treatment as Steven Soderbergh plots to bring her story to the big screen. According to Variety, the director is planning to tell the story of Egypt's final pharaoah as a rock musical -- and it will be in 3-D. If she'd known this would some day be her fate, Cleo may have opted for a life of obscurity. [I think we're eight years beyond that. Have you seen Cleopatra 2525? - Zach]

Although the project sounds like a random mishmash of some popular trends (musicals, historicals, 3-D, etc.), it does have some things going for it. First, of course, there's Soderbergh, who's an incredibly versatile director, having helmed everything from the Oscar-winning Sex, Lies, and Videotape to commercially successful films like Ocean's 11 and the sequels it spawned. Then there are the potential stars: Soderbergh wants Catherine Zeta-Jones as Cleopatra and Hugh Jackman for her doomed lover, Marc Antony. Both can sing, dance, and act, and as a pair they would be highly watchable. Finally, there's a script by James Greer and music by his former band, Guided By Voices. Although Greer's past credits include Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, I'm assuming (or hoping) he'll be better in his own element.

What the project has going against it is... almost everything else. The concept sounds about as inviting as a fig basket full of poisonous asps, and the 3-D aspect just amps up the potential cheese levels. Still, it's got me a little curious, if only to find out how the lyrics turn out. What rhymes with Cleopatra? "Watch out, there's a snake comin' at ya"?




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