Joaquin Phoenix Is Retired, Crazy; Sean Connery is Just Retired

In what is not the strangest red carpet interview Joaquin Phoenix has ever given (some of you may remember when he was convinced during an interview that a large frog was trying to eat his brain at the Walk the Line premiere a couple of years ago), he has nevertheless gone above and beyond the call of weird when he told a reporter for E! and later confirmed with Extra that he is retiring from acting, and that the upcoming film Two Lovers would be his last. In a move that's usually reserved for actors who actually can't get any more work, he told the reporter that he was quitting to focus on his music.

Said Phoenix, "This will be my last performance as an actor... I'm not doing films anymore... I'm working on my music. I'm done." I'll grant you that the transcript doesn't really sound all that whackadoo, but you have GOT to check out the video! Not only does he seem stoned out of his gourd, but he's totally channeling Hyde from That '70s Show. For the first 10 seconds of it, I was convinced it was actually Danny Masterson. And if you think it's a joke, as the poor laughing E! reporter did, Phoenix's rep confirmed his retirement saying, "That is what he told me." I know he's too young to really qualify, but something tells me the AARP is not going to want him.

On the other hand, someone who the AARP is probably desperate to get as poster child, so to speak, is Sean Connery, who spoke with MTV News on the red carpet at a recent AFI Tribute (in a totally non-crazy way), and reaffirmed that he too, is still retired. The former Bond actor, whose last film was 2003's A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, looked exactly like himself.




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