The Goonies R Good Enough For Broadway, But Not Sequel

With Josh Brolin getting a lot of press lately for playing a letter of the alphabet and signing on to play Jonah Hex, I naturally wondered when someone would pounce to make a sequel his first big movie, The Goonies. As it turns out, Richard Donner -- who directed the 1985 hit about a motley crew of adventurous kids -- had already been working on a follow-up. Sadly, sequels just don't seem to be happening for Donner lately, and even with Steven Spielberg enthusiastically on his side, things just didn't quite come together, according to Variety. Goonies never say die, though, so Donner is working hard to make sure they'll live on... in a Broadway musical.

It's not as crazy as you might think. Well, maybe not. At least The Goonies already had a lot of musical elements built right in, from poor Chunk's "Truffle Shuffle" dance to Mama Fratelli's fateful rendition of "Rock-a-Bye Baby" to Andy's encounter with the booby-trapped piano. Then, of course, there was Cyndi Lauper's video contribution, "Goonies 'R' Good Enough." So it's not completely out of nowhere to turn it into a Broadway musical, unlike, say, Spider-Man.

The only thing is the casting. The story is about a bunch of kids who want to be kids for a while longer, and not in a creepy Peter Pan syndrome kind of way. They realize what kind of adult world waits for them outside of their adventure. Being kids is how they save their town. A bunch of grown-up performers in the roles would just be too ironic and bittersweet. Or maybe that would be the point. Mixed emotion overload...

Donner has already met with a Broadway entertainment lawyer, so much like impending adulthood or Sloth when faced with chains, it looks like this thing is about ready to bust out all over the place.




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