Band/Movie Soundtrack Pairings We Want More Than AC/DC and Iron Man 2

Jon Favreau must really like AC/DC. Or, more likely, the band's blistering guitar rock, violent lyrics and electrically inspired name simply make them perfect candidates to provide the entire soundtrack to Iron Man 2. Rockers providing soundtracks is nothing new, but rather than featuring all-new songs, like Queen did for Highlander and Daft Punk is doing for Tron, the AC/DC soundtrack will be a "greatest hits" collection, including some of their best-known anthems from as far back as 1976. (The promo video is set to 1980's "Shoot to Thrill.") With this in mind, we looked at other tentpole films slated for this year and picked the bands (and solo artists) with suitable back catalogs to provide all of the music for each movie.

Sex in the City 2 -- J. Lo
Why Her? Because when you think about a sophisticated woman going out to have fun on the streets of New York, you think of Jennifer Lopez. Her music can be found playing in most of the clubs the girls of SATC like to frequent, and if anyone needs to prove she's still "Jenny from the Block" and that "Love Don't Cost a Thing," it's the newly married "Mrs. Big," main character Carrie Bradshaw. Also, J. Lo's latest single is "Louboutins," which is all about designer shoes, a major obsession for Carrie.

The Wolfman -- Duran Duran
Why Them? The songs "Hungry like the Wolf" and "Wild Boys" alone would have given Double D the job of narrating Benicio del Toro's transformation into a vicious were-beast. Plus, there's got to be a prison scene where it would be appropriate to play their song "Chains," right?

Alice in Wonderland -- Lady Gaga
Why Her? Falling into a deep, dark hole and encountering bizarrely dressed creatures who are playing out a nightmarish farce is what happens every time we watch a Lady Gaga video. "Shake Your Kitty" can play as the Cheshire Cat torments our heroine, and "Poker Face" should definitely kick in when she first meets the playing-card-themed Red Queen.

Clash of the Titans -- Metallica
Why Them? Don't heavy metal fans love stories of the gods inflicting their wrath on mankind? And don't they all have tattoos of Medusa and giant scorpions and stuff? With hard-rockin' Metallica songs like "Some Kind of Monster" and "Slither," Perseus will have beautiful music to slay mythical beasts by.

A Nightmare on Elm Street -- Alice Cooper
Why Them? Because "Welcome to my Nightmare" should be Freddy Krueger's entrance music. And Cooper has enough songs about death and dying (and teenagers and zombies and babies) to populate six or seven installments in the rebooted horror franchise -- "I Know Where You Live" and "Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me" may not be well-known, but you can certainly see how they'd be appropriate. Personally, we can't wait for Freddy to declare "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and really go to town on some people.

Robin Hood -- Bryan Adams
Why Him? The better question might be, "Why didn't the last Robin Hood movie use an all-Bryan Adams soundtrack?" After all, the one Adams song in the 1991 Costner flick, "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You," sold 4 million copies, so imagine what this soundtrack will do with the power of that song, plus "Run to You," "Cuts Like a Knife," Straight From the Heart" and "Have You Really Ever Loved a Woman?" We might have trouble using "Summer of '69" in a period action-romance, but maybe Robin can buy his first real six-string bow over at the Five-n-Ninepence?

The A-Team -- Thin Lizzy
Why Them? For the revived 1980s property, we'd go with a 1970s band, one with a bevy of rock songs that fit into the A-Team's storyline. "Jailbreak" for one, could play over the group's escape from their maximum security penitentiary, and "The Boys Are Back in Town" would herald their arrival on the scene as they prepare to enforce their own brand of justice.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse -- Evanescence
Why Them? With gothic imagery and vampires hot all over again, why hasn't Evanescence made a huge comeback yet? Their songs about eternal longing ("My Immortal") and drowning in sorrow ("Going Under") and re-animating the dead ("Bring Me to Life") are perfect for the angsty teen vampire franchise, and we can't believe they were ever squandered on a movie like Daredevil.

Eat, Pray, Love -- Carly Simon
Why Her? Because the sappy story of a woman divorcing her awful husband and going to eat a lot in Italy, then pray a lot in India, then love a lot in Bali is the kind of tale that only the music of Carly Simon can chronicle. From "Haven't Got Time for the Pain" to "All I Want is You," the chanteuse's alternately bitter and romantic songs will come together to turn this Julia Roberts movie into a sexy hurricane.

The Social Network -- Rush
Why Them? When talking about the men who founded Facebook, the Rush song "Tom Sawyer" says it best: "What you say about his company, is what you say about society." Rush's synthesizer-heavy prog-rock and technological themes ("The Spirit of Radio," "Manhattan Project," "Digital Man") would help us immerse ourselves in the technological world of the computer programmer.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 -- Oasis
Why Them? The final two films in the Potter series find Harry ditching school to take the fight to He Who Shall Not Be Named, and who better to capture the angst and anger of a British teenager than the troubled Gallagher brothers? Is it Harry or Neville Longbottom who's really Voledemort's "Wonderwall"? We'll find out soon enough, and the brothers will sing "Don't Look Back in Anger" as Harry reflects on the long, dark road that brought him to this place.

Kick-Ass -- Andrew W.K.
Why Him? The frenzied, chaotic assaults of Kick-Ass look like they need to be accompanied by a frenzied, chaotic assault on the ears. Andrew W.K.'s songs are mostly about partying, but partying of the most violent nature possible, and songs like "Ready to Die" and "The End of Our Lives" can cycle in as the stakes in the movie continue to rise.

What do you think of the AC/DC news! What bands would you like to see do full soundtracks to movies? Sing out below.




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