I Liked Post-Grad Better When It Was Called Reality Bites Aww, why am I picking on little Post-Grad? This modest movie starring Rory Gilmore and Matt Saracen is completely minding its own business and is totally harmless, but still -- I keep seeing the commercials for it, and I can't helped but be irked by all the things whoever made Post-Grad (the person who directed Shark Tale? And the person who wrote a thing Demi Moore directed?) lifted from Reality Bites.

Admittedly, growing-up-is-hard movies all kind of blend together anyway, but aside from the botched job interviews montage (a must!), there are some very specific Reality Bites parallels in the Post-Grad trailer alone -- I can only imagine how many there are in the actual film. The trailer starts out with a graduation scene and a jaded comment from Rory's buddy/love interest Saracen while he's snapping a photo: "Everybody say overpriced education!" It's not a video camera, and he's a nicer guy than Ethan Hawke's character was, but this guy has everything. Figured. Out. While still being completely directionless and so in love with his best friend all he can do is get on stage and sing her a song in a bar. How could I not notice how much I've seen that before? 1994 wasn't that long ago.

So she's torn between him, this important part of her past and ideals, and this new, grown-up, corporate guy (Paolo from Lost, as TV talk show producer Ben Stiller) who doesn't keep reminding her of everything she'll have to compromise in order to be successful. Her quirky, upper class indulgent name is Ryden, which I can't figure out if that's less or more annoying than Winona Ryder's Lelaina, she lives with her parents instead of off their gas card when her job quest doesn't work out, the random comedian playing it straight here is Demetri Martin in lieu of Janeane Garofalo, the hip soundtrack-of-the-times contains The Bird and The Bee and Lily Allen standing in for Dinosaur Jr. and Juliana Hatfield, the stern dad who doubts her is Michael Keaton, arguably an upgrade from the unknown who played Lelaina's condescending father, and her plucky, give-em-hell mom is played by Jane Lynch, because Swoosie Kurtz is too old for this shit.

Notable difference, though: Ryden's (way worse than Lelaina, I just decided) parents are still married, whereas Lelaina's parents, of course, were bitterly divorced. So see! Totally new, fresh and necessary movie!

Aww, I'm a jerk. Go see Rory and Saracen in the movies! They're all grown up!




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