Ten Movies that Need Prequels More than Alien

Director Ridley Scott recently announced that he was about to begin work on a prequel to one of his most popular films, the sci-fi/horror/genre-defining movie Alien. While we can't deny that we'd love to see a good Alien movie, a prequel seems like the wrong way to go, since Sigourney Weaver's Ripley, the fan-favorite character from the series, couldn't be in it, and to show where exactly the xenomorphs come from would take all of the mystery out of them. We came up with a list of genre films that need prequels -- good ones -- more than Alien does, starting with another Ridley Scott film...

Blade Runner
When we pick up the story, artificial humanoid "replicants" are illegal on earth, and have already staged a violent revolt in outer space. Seeing how the replicants came about and turned on their creators would be pretty cool to watch, especially if there were CGI cameos by a young Rutger Hauer and a young Harrison Ford among the replicant hordes.

Kill Bill
We've seen how their partnership ended, but we'd love to watch a movie about the heyday of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, after Beatrix Kiddo and Elle Driver trained with Pai Mei. They must have all gotten along at some point, right? Like an evil Charlie's Angels?

Harry Potter
No, eight movies is not enough. Once this whole "Chosen One" business is done with, let's go back in time and see what happened the first time Voldemort rose to power, and the original Order of the Phoenix had to stop him. The torturing of the Longbottoms, the "death" of Peter Pettigrew and ultimately the murder of the Potters would make for some great cinema.

Leon (The Professional)
We love this movie so much, and we always wanted to know what it was that led Leon the Cleaner to come to America. Tony once hinted that he had some sordid history with a girl, and we'd love to see a young Leon, at home in Italy, getting in over his head.

The Matrix
There have been animated shorts that explored the origins of the war between machines and man, but since it involves a massive robot-human war, we'd like to see it done as a live-action movie, without the artistic license of the anime.

Lethal Weapon
In the first movie, Martin Riggs is suicidal over the death of his wife, who we later find out was killed by drug dealers trying to eliminate Riggs, then a narcotics officer. The lack of any Murtaugh action would be regrettable, but, if cast right, a young Riggs being driven over the edge could be pretty awesome to watch.

Dirty Harry
Clint Eastwood was already 40 by the time he played Detective Harry Callahan. What was Dirty Harry like before that? We know he was a Marine, and that his wife died in a car accident -- show us his start on the force, and the dirty jobs that earned him his nickname.

We love Wesley Snipes as Blade, and we've heard stories from Whistler about how he found Blade living on the streets, feeding on animals and almost feral. He trained the Daywalker to control his bloodlust, and recruited him into his war on vampires. We don't know how old he was when that happened, but a true origin tale with a young Blade would be pretty boss.

Conan the Destroyer
It seems like the movies show us Conan's full origin: captured, family murdered, forced to march in a circle for 20 years. But in between his gladiator days and his showdown with Thulsa Doom, we'd like to see more of young Conan's early years as a thief. Make it happen, by Crom!

Tomb Raider
How about a movie that takes place before the first two existed, when Lara Croft had a real British accent, there were more tombs and less robots, and the movies weren't terrible? That would be nice.

What movie would you like to see a prequel to?




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