Avatar: The Bonus Scenes We Want to See in the Re-Release

James Cameron's game-changing sci-fi epic Avatar comes out on DVD next month, but you may want to hold off on buying it, because the movie may get an extended version when it's re-released in IMAX 3-D this summer. After leaving those theaters early to make way for Alice in Wonderland, the studio wants to go back in there and make more money, and they're going to do that by having Cameron add in another ten minutes or so of footage. (They can't add too much more, due to projector restrictions.) Now, I don't know about you, but if I'm going to sit through another 2-and-a-half hours of Avatar to get ten more minutes of story, it'd better include one or more of the following deleted scenes.

- In a very awkward love scene between Jake and Neytiri, Jake finds out that the Na'vi have sex the same way they ride a horse, which makes him incredibly uncomfortable about all the horseback riding he's been doing.

- Kevin Costner makes a cameo as a soldier gone rogue, living among the Na'vi in an avatar body while going by the name "Dances With Thanators."

- In the assault on the Tree of Souls, Col. Quaritch's C-21 Dragon Assault Ship merges with four Amplified Mobility Platform suits to form Voltron.

- In his downtime on the base, Jake Sully can be seen watching a 22nd-century copy of Battle Angel Alita, the fighting-robot movie Cameron claimed he would make back in 2007. According to the fine print on the movie case (legible on an IMAX screen), it was released in 2027. At this point, a small cartoon version of Cameron sticks his head into frame and winks audibly.

- Instead of hearing Leona Lewis' sappy "I See You" over the end credits, we're treated to Felicia Day dressed like a Na'vi, singing "Do You Want to Date My Avatar?"

- On the brink of defeat, the humans unleash their secret weapon on the Na'vi: a genetically engineered 60-foot tall human named Corporal Steve Gargamel.

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