Long, Long Ago, I Actually Cared About New Star Wars Movies

A lot has been said about online entertainment news reporting, and how it's basically rumors propagated by blogger after blogger after blogger until somebody in the know actually comes in and refutes it. (Except even then, bloggers will claim that person is lying.) So we aren't going to put much stock in this insider report that George Lucas will finance new Stars Wars movies with the scratch he makes from re-releasing the old ones in 3-D. However, it has gotten me thinking about whether I'd actually want to see them. The crazy action in the LucasArts video game The Force Unleashed shows that the Universe can still tell new stories and generate excitement, so maybe there is hope, after all. Here's what I'd want to see if this movie buzz is real, and not wishful thinking on some fanboy's part.

Mind the Gap
The 19 years between the birth of Luke Skywalker and the start of his biggest whining streak on record have never been chronicled in film, falling as they do between Revenge of the Sith and the original Star Wars. While the hypothetical live-action TV show is purported to cover this period, I personally don't believe that show even exists anymore. Lucas himself said that the scripts were far too expensive to produce for TV, so they might as well make a movie out of it. They can call it Star Wars: The Young Han Solo Chronicles, and show us how Han met Chewbacca and left the Imperial Academy.

Three Words: "Old Luke Kenobi"
The rumors coming out of Lucasfilm are that the movies will take place after the original trilogy, but won't focus on the Skywalker family. To which we say, "Lucas be trippin'." After making us sit through the prequels, and forcing the ham-flavored corruption of Anakin Skywalker down our throats, he's not going to walk away that easily. Mark Hamill is still alive and still underemployed, so I say get him to put on a brown robe and teach a new generation of angry teenage Jedi. He can be the only Skywalker in the thing, for all I care, but to make a complete Skywalker break seems a bit excessive.

Continue the Legacy
Until now, it's seemed like the movies are the movies, and the Expanded Universe (books, comics, video games) are the Expanded Universe, and never the twain shall meet. So why not balance the Force and combine the two by adapting the Star Wars: Legacy comic book as the next film series? It's a future where everything you know and love about the Star Wars has been recombined in fun, new ways: the Imperial Guards are all Jedi, the Sith are numerous, and the last Skywalker is an edgy bounty hunter who rejects his heritage. Plus, it was written by two established Stars Wars comic creators who have researched the universe extensively and understand things like character motivation, so they've already got a leg up on Lucas.

What would you like to see new Star Wars movies about? Do you even care? Let us know below, then see which character we wish they'd make a movie about!

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