Detroit Won't Make a Statue of Robocop, But Other Cities Should Honor Their Icons

Why ask for ideas on how to improve your city's image if you're going to reject the best one? The mayor of Detroit apparently felt that the Twitter-suggested "erecting a statue of Robocop" was not the best way to boost his city's public image, and we respectfully disagree. (As do others.) Dystopic and bloody though it may be, Robocop is still most non-Detroitians' fondest memory of Detroit (even though the movie barely even filmed there), so why not idolize the cyborg civil servant who cleaned up the town? It'll be a great tourist destination, it's a symbol of the motor oil that flows in the city's veins. In fact, we think more cities should put up statues of their most famous and/or controversial movie residents. Here are a few we'd make a pilgrimage to.

Miami: Tony Montana, Scarface
As Miami's most famous resident next to Gloria Estefan, Tony symbolizes hope, adversity, perseverance, entrepreneurship and self-expression. Thousands of Cuban immigrants and their descendants will gaze upon a statue of Tony and his "little friend" and dream of the day when they open their own small business.

Las Vegas: Nomi Malone, Showgirls
What movie character better represents the dreams and aspirations of those who come to Las Vegas to live and work? Working her way up from stripper to showgirl, Nomi's journey is the journey of every Las Vegan, which is why a statue of her giving Kyle MacLachlan a lapdance makes so much sense.

Chicago: Ivan Danko & Art Ridzic, Red Heat
After decades of relative harmony, Russian-American relations are once again strained. So why not emphasize our long history of cooperation by immortalizing the Russian and American police officers who so famously worked together in this 1988 film? Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Belushi showed us that although we may be very different as countries, we both hate drug-dealing scum who kill our partners.

San Francisco: Jack Burton, Big Trouble in Little China
Nerds and long-distance truckers alike will flock to a statue of Kurt Russell as the man who saved Earth from being overrun by the ghost-sorcerer Lo Pan. And here's hoping they chisel one of his numerous mottos into the statue's base. Our pick: "The check is in the mail."

New York City: Patrick Bateman, American Psycho
He may not be as famous as, say, Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver, or even Marlon Brando as the Godfather, but I think there would be more tourist traffic for a statue of naked Christian Bale holding a chainsaw than for the other two combined.

What statue would you like to see, of whom and where? Let us know in the comments!

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