Columbia To Make Major Downer into Three-Hanky Picture

by Kasey McDonald November 20, 2008 12:24 pm
Columbia To Make Major Downer into Three-Hanky Picture

As I was making my way around the internets a few days after the election, reading all the articles on the historic vote, I came across one in the Washington Post about an African-American man by the name of Eugene Allen, who had worked as a butler in the White House for 35 years, starting his job in 1952. At the time, he wasn't even allowed to use the public restrooms in his native Virginia because of the color of his skin, and he and his now-86-year-old wife had talked about how amazing it was that America was on the brink of electing a black man as President. The article, a superbly written piece which ended with the devastating news that Eugene had cast his ballot alone on November 4th, as his wife had died a day before the election, was just picked up by Columbia pictures and will be made into a movie that will tell Eugene's life story.

Oh my GOD, Columbia. I was sitting at my desk on the 7th trying not to let my coworkers hear me sniffing and blubbering on my keyboard over this heart-wrenching Post article and now you want me to go see a movie about it? Did your brokers invest all your money into the Kleenex company or something? I must say though, the article, written by Wil Haygood, touched on the changes the country went through in race relations throughout the years Allen worked in the White House and should make a really great film. Haygood has been brought on as associate producer and will help research the movie, working with the Allen family to bring out details of Eugene's life. Laura Ziskin, whose credits include Spider-Man, Pretty Woman and As Good as It Gets will produce, and said that the film will act "as a portrait of an extraordinary African-American man who has lived to see the world turn. It's about the essence of this man and what he saw, as well as the love story with his wife." And it will make you cry your ever-loving eyes out, people; I'm telling you right now.

Gah, Columbia! Pass me the Kleenex, I'm totally going.




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