How Do You Kill a Mummy?

by admin August 5, 2008 10:30 am
How Do You Kill a Mummy? Okay, so, thanks to the movies we all know how to kill vampires, right? You spear them with a wooden stake through the heart, or chop their heads off, or send them off to the beach at noon without a drop of sunblock. There's a veritable smorgasbord of kill-em-up choices! We also know how to kill werewolves: Plug those bad puppies with a silver bullet and then avert your eyes (while peeking through your fingers) as the fresh corpses inevitably morph back into buck-naked human beings. Traditional monster movies are full of ways to kill those baddies, but what do they say about mummy nullification? Seriously, I really need to know how to kill one, because according to the MTV Movies Blog, director Rob Cohen wants to follow up The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor with a fourth installment. And wait till you see who he wants for his next mummy.

If Cohen has his way, Brendan Fraser may be playing the mummified main next time around. According to the report, one of the "many ideas" Cohen is exploring has Fraser's Rick as "an immortal hero up against an immortal villain." (Spoiler alert for the third movie!) Cohen points out that thanks to the events of Dragon Emperor, Rick is now immortal and on a more level playing field with the mummies he seems to run into all the time. Cohen also "[declared] that Peru or Mexico would absolutely be the setting for Mummy 4, drawing inspiration from mummified Aztec remains found in the region.

Are they ever going to run out of mummies or mummy-adjacent characters? Before this franchise is put to rest, they'll probably work their way through the "bog people" of both America and Ireland, that frozen woolly mammoth, Kenny Rogers, and others who've been strangely preserved over the years.

Luckily, Cohen himself has offered a hint of how to kill these foes! He says a fourth movie is "all but guaranteed if audiences respond well to [the third]." The key word here is "if"! Considering The Dark Knight beat it last weekend, we're halfway there. Next weekend, go see Pineapple Express or even Blake Lively's Pants Go To Greece instead. Together, we can finally defeat those undead bastards.




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