Cats and Dogs Still Making Movies Together; Also, Mass Hysteria

For those of you out there that don't find the animation (mouth-talking, eye-bugging) of live-action animals super creepy, good news: Cats & Dogs, the 2001 flick that saw the merging of live-action animals and people with animation to tell the realistic tale of the high-tech espionage war going on between cats and dogs, is about to get a sequel. For the rest of us, we can at least be more vigilant about avoiding both Duke from those Bush's Baked Beans commercials and the upcoming trailers for Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. I remember when the trailer for Beverly Hills Chihuahua snuck up on me, and I almost had to go into therapy.

The live-action portions of the film, which will star Chris O'Donnell and Jack McBrayer (Kenneth of 30 Rock fame), are currently filming in Vancouver. I was stuck on a plane and kind of forced to watch the first one (okay, "watch" isn't really accurate -- because of the creep factor, I listened to it without watching, which is HARD on a plane), and don't recall any character named Kitty Galore. Mr. Tinkles, yes. But no Kitty Galore. And while I don't really envy Sean Hayes the IMDb listing with "Mr. Tinkles" in his repertoire, Kitty Galore wouldn't be bad at all. Alas, no voice talent has yet been cast. (I'm available!)

The Hollywood Reporter describes the new flick as a CGI-blended film. Which, when you think about it, kind of describes at least half of every single movie released in the last five to ten years. I tend to think movies of this ilk are more CGI-for-the-sake-of-it. The story of cats and dogs fighting to take over the world without human-kind being any the wiser is not really a story that needs to be told. Unless you're of the population not creeped out by shit like this, or in the under-5 set. Either way, you've been warned.

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