Before and AFTRA

by admin May 29, 2008 11:41 am
Before and AFTRA Almost every single person who lives in Los Angeles has at some point in his life rolled his eyes, shaken his head and sighed, "Actors ..." Today, a few of us are doing something quite different. It's more of a look of inspired surprise, with an intake of breath and an impressed "...Actors!" (head-nodding implied). With the possibility of another Hollywood strike looming over the city, AFTRA (that other actors' union) went and cut a deal with the AMPTP, leaving us all rather impressed and hopeful that SAG will do similarly and we can avoid an actors' strike altogether. You can't imagine the city-wide We Support You car honking that goes on with these strike -- not to mention, you know, the job and revenue loss.

Some may remember back in March when AFTRA and SAG, who normally negotiate with the studios and producers jointly, split following what Variety called a "bitter jurisdictional dispute over The Bold and the Beautiful.'' (I promise you read that right.) The two actors' unions have been negotiating with the AMPTP separately. Tthough AFTRA still has to get the agreement ratified by its' members, they've reached a tentative deal. SAG, which had stepped away from talks briefly, was back at the negotiating table yesterday morning.

As with the deal the Writers' Guild and the Directors' Guild cut with the AMPTP (a little late, I'll grant you), it's hoped that SAG will mirror some of the new media provisions that came out of the AFTRA deal -- a sticking point for all four unions -- and use the agreement to quickly negotiate an agreement of its own. Here's hoping they do just that. I've had just about all the honking I can take.




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