Hanks to SAG: 'Earn This'

by DeAnn Welker June 23, 2008 2:56 pm
Hanks to SAG: 'Earn This'

The Screen Actors Guild turned 75 this weekend, but there was not much for the guild to celebrate, as the contract deadline is looming with no deal in site.

The guild probably didn't celebrate Tom Hanks urging ratification of the AFTRA contract, either. See, the leadership is urging AFTRA (a sister union; many actors are in both unions) not to ratify, because ratification might make it more difficult for SAG to negotiate. In fact, it's become something of a battle between SAG and AFTRA. Two weeks ago, in fact, SAG falsely claimed Hanks and George Clooney were anti-AFTRA. If there was any lingering doubt, I think Hanks' signature on the email shattered that.

The email Hanks signed says that ratification will put the industry back to work without rollbacks and concessions. Yeah, they kind of have a point there. Other signers of the email (Hanks is the most high-profile, thus generating all the buzz) include Jeffrey Tambor, James Cromwell, Morgan Fairchild, and more than 100 others. The email, and Tom's signature especially, could shake things up just as SAG and producers resume talks today, with a week until the contract expires on June 30.

Most of Hollywood, Hanks included, would like to avoid another strike, which could cripple an industry that's still struggling in the wake of the writers' strike.

The L.A. Times wants the Governator to do something, or at least say something about it. But he managed to stay clear of the writers' strike, so I wouldn't hold my breath. Although, there is that small matter of him being a member in this union, so maybe this time it's personal? We'll see.




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