The Baroness of Nottingham

by admin June 19, 2008 10:49 am
The Baroness of Nottingham

I'm still really confused as to why they hired Sienna Miller -- a blonde, freckled British girl -- to play the raven-haired, Eastern European killer the Baroness in the new G.I. Joe movie. She's pretty, sure, but dark-haired women are pretty, too -- why not give one of them a chance to play one of the all-time dark-haired icons? Sunny, blonde British girls should play sunny, blonde British parts, like...oh, I don't know, maybe Maid Marion in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood movie?

According to Variety, Miller will play Marion in Nottingham, the upcoming Robin Hood remake from Alien/Blade Runner helmer Scott. (Scott also recently scored the rights to make a Brave New World movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.) But what seems cool about Nottingham is that the revisionist film tells the story from the heroic Sheriff of Nottingham's point of view. Hey, he's just a cop trying to enforce the law -- it's not his fault the king's laws suck. Now he's got this gang of bandits to deal with...can't a guy catch a break, maybe meet a hot maiden?

The sheriff is played by Russell Crowe, and supposedly he has a love triangle thing going on with Marion and Robin o' the Hood. (Baroness loves Maximus?) But watch out, Gladiator, because Marion might be just as evil as her forest-dwelling back-portcullis man. Robin hasn't been cast yet, but here's hoping they revise the mythology even more and make him another sunny, blonde British girl. That would be hot.




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